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Acoustic version of Warhola’s song Reshape sung by Oliver Symons (20).

Most Beautiful Place In The World • Thru My Eyes Video

Nice short from Sawyer Hartman with lovely music by Josh.

In the last 10 years, 7,000 cyclists have lost their lives in motorist accidents. Our goal is to decrease this number. Share this video to help save a life.

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 ”Happy” (Abraham Mateo cover)

Vídeo exclusivo con el que Abraham Mateo celebra el Día Mundial de la Felicidad, y se une a la acción puesta en marcha por Pharrell Williams.

(Exclusive video by Abraham Mateo celebrating the World Day of Happiness.)

Start Fast or Pace Evenly?


I’m a fan of the fast start and fast finish.

A slow beginning, and a steady high pace after that, would make most sense physiologically, but we’re only human. So psychology plays a major role. In the beginning we think; “I can do this! If I show others how fast I am they will get demoralized and it will be over quicker!”. After 10 minutes you realize that you’re not there yet, and oh, it’s still a long way, better to conserve a bit of energy. Toward the end you can go for broke, collapsing at the finish for dramatic effect. We are not machines, we have no real idea, when we start, how our body will perform. In the begin of the race we’re optimistic, in the middle reality sets in, and towards the end we don’t give a damn. It’s like real life! Hence the inverted-U shape.